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Nuova S.M. is a company specialised in metal machining for third parties, but also offers machining for other materials such as plastic, wood, glass and many types of stone surfaces. Thanks to the use of high-tech machinery, the company is able to perform services to order and design, for every type of application. Control over the entire production cycle ensures the best possible management of all variables affecting the development of the final product, in line with requested quality standards. Furthermore, the company has the latest generation of metal machining systems and a team of experts, ensuring the best possible solutions are identified in accordance with client needs, and guaranteeing best finishes in rapid time frames.

For more than twenty years, our company has worked in the metal treatment sector, operating throughout the entire province of Reggio Emilia. Nuova S.M. offers mass metal machining, tumbling, cleaning, selective deoxidation, micro bead blasting with ceramics and shot blasting with stainless steel.

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