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Industrial Washing

We have solvent washing systems and aqueous detergent systems. The process of closed circuit industrial washing with solvents is the ideal technology for applications where treatments of the highest quality are required. It is particularly effective with parts that have a complicated geometric form, such as those containing blind holes, through holes, welding etc. These can be reached thanks to repeated phases of sprinkler systems and steam immersion. Our system operates in full compliance with all regulations to protect workers and the environment. As for our washing system using aqueous solutions, we use an aqueous sodium bicarbonate-based solution that by following the indicated cycles, (spray pressure, immersion, rotation, oscillation, drying) can solve specific washing problems arising from the geometry and the quantity of pieces to be treated. We are able to operate on light and delicate components weighing just a few grams, as well as processing medium size pieces up to weights of over 50 kilograms, always ensuring the required level of cleanliness remains constant over time, with relevant surface control tests.

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