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Vibratory Finishing

For over 20 years our company has been working in the field of vibratory finishing. This term indicates a system of surface finishing that takes advantage of movement produced by vibrations to perform working processes inside a work bowl. The action of finishing the pieces can be enhanced and improved through the use of contrast agents called granules (or grit) and with the aid of liquid solutions and pastes. The granules are the elements that work within a vibratory finishing machine and act like tools; when in contact with the workpiece they perform deburring, grinding and polishing actions. Depending on their composition, they may have a lesser or greater degree of abrasion or even none at all. We use plastic, ceramic, metal and organic granules. The type of granule chosen may vary according to the characteristics of the workpiece and the degree of finishing that our client wants to achieve. We have vibrating machines of various sizes that ensure high productivity and a wide range of applications. This allows us to respond more appropriately to our clients’needs, working on small and medium size metal parts and providing a higher level of precision in processing.

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